St. Patrick’s Day NYC 2015 and Goodfellas Night at Neir’s Tavern

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Neir's Tavern in Queens is the oldest bar in NYC
Neir’s Tavern in Queens is the oldest bar in NYC

This year for St. Patrick’s Day, I was determined to do something, since I usually stay home and avoid crowds. I happened to see Neir’s Tavern on Yelp when I was riding through Woodhaven, Queens on the train a few days earlier. I looked them up on Facebook, and they had a St. Patrick’s Day event, so I went.

I was greeted immediately by a friendly, bubbly bartender, and the beer was $5. A $5 beer in New York? I know what’s good and cheap! For their St. Patrick’s Day event, they had a free corned beef and cabbage buffet, so people could not only drink and feel Irish, but eat like the Irish too! Live music was played by Katelyn Richards & The Dilettantes, who played some classic Irish tunes.

St. Patrick's Buffet
St. Patrick’s Buffet

St. Patrick’s Day was my first day at this bar, and I honestly had no clue where I was drinking. Neir’s Tavern is the oldest bar in New York City! Neir’s Tavern is 180 years old, and even though the $5 beer was cheap by NYC standards, I was curious as to how much a beer in NYC cost 180 years ago, when there was more farmland in New York City than concrete and more cows than yellow cabs. The back walls are decorated with different photographs throughout the years. The most interesting photograph to me was the one with a hitching post. Imagine New York City looking like the Midwest? Yeah, that’s what I thought! But for a bar to survive in a forever changing environment that New York City has, the resiliency is worthy of praise and admiration. Even the ice box is as old as the bar is!

Neir's Tavern NYC
Neir’s Tavern NYC

But equally fascinating about Neir’s Tavern is that many scenes from my favorite movie of all time, Goodfellas were filmed there! In fact, on Friday March 27, 2015, Neir’s Tavern had a Goodfellas night in order to celebrate the movie’s 25th anniversary.

Same friendliness, but the crowd was bigger and more diverse, which was very cool. Everyone is nice there. And who wouldn’t want an excuse to watch Goodfellas on the big screen? Kerry Whalen spoke about his book, Inside the Lufthansa Heist: The FBI Lied. Some people took turns at the mic saying their favorite lines from Goodfellas. Based on overhearing what others have said in the crowd, I think “Now go home and get your eff’in shinebox” was the biggest crowd pleaser.

I’ve only been to Neir’s Tavern twice in this past month, but I’ll surely go there again. Not just to drink, but for the cool events that they put on. I think that it’s pretty safe to say I’m in love with this place, and the relationship is going well!