Bangkok Airport on BBC

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No, I have never been to Bangkok Airport. But I really want to go now after watching Bangkok Airport on BBC. But until I am set to do international travel again, I will be content with watching Bangkok Airport reruns.

The Thai people are not the usual workers in the airport. They are actually smiling and happy. In the words of Captain Jack, “I love my job!”. He is my (as well as a lot of other people, based on Twitter), favorite guy on the show. Ching ching ching!

I don’t know if the British people are real or not. They are pretty convincing if they are not. And if they are real, it must be nice for some of them to not stress out about getting back to the UK so soon. In Corporate America, if we don’t get to work when we are supposed to, you may face “disciplinary action up to and including termination.” (This is how threatening memos are finished in the workplace in America before they are sent out to people, usually groups I think, since I never got one alone, so the people fear consequences of management).

So much for work/life balance in America.

Definitely watch Bangkok Airport on BBC on their Youtube channel. You too will want to visit the airport of smiles!