Shorty goes to see Nightwish

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This is what happens when a person of 5’2 goes to see Delain, Sabaton, and Nightwish. We see absolutely nothing except tall people, but not the tall people we paid to see sadly. Good thing I held my phone up high.

Aside from that, it was an awesome concert at Hammerstein Ballroom on April 9, 2015.

I had not heard of Delain before, but since they were opening, I looked up a few songs on Youtube. I was impressed with their sound. They are a female fronted band from the Netherlands. But during the concert, I fell in love with this one song, We are the Others, which happens to be about a girl in England, who was jumped for the way she was dressed. Coming from someone who has repeatedly been attacked for similar things, Delain automatically got my respect and a new fan.

RIP Sophie!


Next came Sabaton from Sweden, the only band that I know of who combines history with heavy metal. This video is bad quality since he was too close to the speakers, it sounds like. I wonder if he was able to hear the next day? But who says a ten year old can’t go to a metal concert? The famous Freddie even got invited on stage! He’s got cool parents!:)


Last but not least, one of the best bands from Finland, Nightwish! They are in the first video.

All in all, it was an awesome time. But personally I do like Best Buy Theater better.