My Time at Buckingham Palace

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Buckingham Palace
Buckingham Palace
Buckingham Palace

I was not enthused about Buckingham Palace in 2003 when I went to London. After all, I am not a Royal family stalker, and I don’t like to go where the tourists go all the time. But I can never forget my time seeing Buckingham Palace even after all these years. Even though I am still not a Royal family stalker, I decided to write about Buckingham Palace in honor of baby Charlotte.

I wasn’t even trying to find Buckingham Palace at first. It meant to bring me there I guess though. As I walked around, I kicked something. Not wanting to offend her Royal Highness about kicking things in her yard, I looked down to see what I kicked in order to apologize to her guards. It was a horse shoe! I picked up the horse shoe with excitement. It had dirt all over it, and the nails were still sticking out.

I walked up to the door to the palace where the guards stood. There were two of them dressed in red. I don’t think they changed their uniform since the American Revolution. I approached them with caution because well, it was after 9/11, and maybe they were paranoid. But that was not so. The guard to the right was the stereotypical one that does not move a muscle or blink an eye. The guard to the left was friendly and spoke. I talked to him, but I, like most tourists to Buckingham Palace, was fascinated by the silent guard. But I did not harass him like many tourists do. He is doing his job after all.

I showed them the horseshoe. The friendly guard said that it was from one of the queen’s horses. I asked him if I could keep it, and he said certainly! If that was not enough to make me happy, the guard told me that if someone finds a horseshoe, it was aid to be good luck. He also told me that the guards change positions, so the silent guard will have a turn to talk to chatty tourists like me.

I thanked them as I walked away. I no longer have the horseshoe unfortunately because it got lost in my move to the east coast, along with other stuff I had collected over the years. But I believe that sometimes I still have the luck of the horseshoe with me. I remember this time often because finding a horseshoe of the Queen of England is so rare. I hope one day to go back and find a horseshoe again. So will the guards of Buckingham Palace save me a horseshoe, please?

In fact, my horseshoe was so lucky that I got it on the plane in my carry-on luggage even though there were nails in it. I put duct tape over the nails in order to cover them because there was no way I was leaving England without my horseshoe! I was honest at Gatwick Airport, and I told them that I put duct tape over the nails, so they will not pose a threat. With no questions asked, they let me on the plane with my horseshoe in my bag. Funny how my horseshoe made it on an international flight back home, but not in an interstate move within the United States!

While I did not do it then, there are tours that people can take of Buckingham Palace. Find out more here.