Bis.Co.Latte-NYC’s only homemade biscotti shop

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Green tea-spearimint biscotti at Bis.Co.Latte NYC

“It smells like spearmint in here!” said a customer as she walked into Bis.Co.Latte Café this morning. There was a delicious reason.

Green tea-spearmint biscotti at Bis.Co.Latte NYC
Green tea-spearmint biscotti at Bis.Co.Latte NYC

In my hand was a hot, fresh out of the oven, green tea-spearmint biscotti. The blend was green tea and spearmint, a unique twist on an Italian treat that I only thought came in chocolate. The spearmint flavor was very distinct with each bite. Of course, I ordered a cappuccino to go with it as well, which was just as tasty. I just stopped in for a snack, but now I wish I had ordered more biscotti for the road.

The place was small but welcoming and relaxing. There were only a few people inside at the time, and it was nice to take a breather while everyone outside was all hustling in typical Manhattan style. This is the type of place that I would go for sure each morning to get my cup of coffee (or cappuccino), and if I’m treating myself really well that morning, a biscotti, every morning before work, if I worked in the area.

Regretfully I discovered this mom and pop café online last week when there was an announcement that they will close on July 31, 2015.  Bis.Co.Latte is just one of the many small businesses that have made up the fabric of New York City for generations that are forced to close due to the skyrocketing rents in New York City.

I’ll try to stop in again before they close July 31 so I can once again feel the hot biscotti in my hand. At only $1.25 for biscotti, it is a great experience! After the cafe closes its doors this week, biscotti lovers can still order biscotti online from their website. I definitely recommend the green tea-spearmint biscotti! But they have different kinds of specialized biscotti, all homemade, and all delicious.

And as I walked back to catch my train at Times Square, I passed a Dunkin Donuts that had a patio on the front and every table was full of people not even realizing that just one block away, they can have the best biscotti in New York City for just a little while longer, and far more cheap than that doughnut.