C Bao-Asian sandwiches in New York City

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Fried chicken Bao at C Bao NYC
Fried chicken Bao at C Bao NYC
Fried chicken Bao at C Bao NYC

Unless I am going to do something crazy like eat duck tongue, bull penis, or some other random body part, I’ve been avoiding Asian food. Not on purpose though.  Some friends introduced me to C Bao, just outside Union Square in N ew York City.

C Bao is Asian fusion with a Chinese buffet serving standard Americanized Chinese food. Avoid it. They charge by the pound anyways, not a traditional Chinese buffet. Go for the bao, which customers order at the cashier.

Bao is an Asian sandwich made with a filling Asian bun with its own flavor. The sandwiches can be made into different variations, including chicken, pork, and tofu, just to name a few. I got a fried chicken bao. Inside the bun was a skinny slice of fried chicken that was cooked just right. There was also lettuce, cucumber, and a sauce. The sauce had the zing of Thousand Island, but then I felt bad for thinking such things. After all, McDonalds’ secret sauce is Thousand Island! Seriously, the bun makes the sandwich.

C Bao is known for its bubble tea as well. They have different flavors, but I chose the passion fruit mango fizz. While it was good and I drank it all, I was not a fan of the slightly carbonated taste. Next time, I should avoid anything that says fizz.

C Bao was a bit on the slow side for service though. But then again, the food was freshly made. If you have time, this is a great place for a sandwich. It would be an awesome place for lunch hour in the city, but most New Yorkers lunch hour lasts a quarter as long as a New York minute, and it takes several New York minutes to cook the bao to perfection. But C Bao is definitely a place that you can go to after work for that tasty sandwich that you didn’t have time to eat during your New York minute lunch hour!