Six Flags Hurricane Harbor

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I’ve never been to Six Flags before, so when given a chance to go to Six Flags Hurricane Harbor in Jackson, New Jersey, I jumped on in.

There is a huge selection of water rides for every taste. There are kiddie rides for the little ones, and for the calm hearted, there is a lazy river. The lazy river is great if you want to sunbathe in an inner tube or swim the whole way through.

For the thrill seekers, the bigger slides will not disappoint. There are eleven in total, and if the lines are not long, you can go on them multiple times in a row. During the day when everyone else is at work, the lines won’t be huge at Hurricane Harbor, but weeknights and weekends will get more crowded, making the lines longer. Choose your slides wisely. Here were my top three slides during my time at Six Flags Hurricane Harbor.

Hurricane Harbor

Jurahnimo Falls

This slide is Seventy five feet straight down. There is a water and wind combination on the way down. Although you are in a stream, it feels like a free fall. Then you get submerged into water slightly deeper than the rest of the slides before coming back out into the tube in order to end the side’s duration. Get back in line to do another drop or go to the next side’s line.

Cannonball Falls

Cannonball Falls is an enclosed slide, which adds to the intensity of going from 0 to 40 miles per hour in seconds. There is also a sharp turn upward that is unpredictable and leads you into wondering what’s next. Suddenly there is a sixty five feet drop. Having fun yet?

King Cobra

Ever wondered what it was like to be snake food? Neither have I. The King Cobra will give you the opportunity when you climb up. As you slide down the tail, you will increase speed as you descend out the king cobra’s mouth into the air only to fall into the snake’s hood. Hopefully the speed you’ve acquired will be sufficient enough for you to go all the way and touch the top of the snake’s hood as you slide back down to finish the slide. Like being snake food? This has got to be as fun as it gets! Unfortunately everyone else in the park thought so too because this was the longest line in Hurricane Harbor when I was there.

The summer is almost over. Make sure that Six Flags Great Adventure is one of the last summer trips you take!