Poconos Whitewater Rafting Adventure

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Whitewater rafting in Pocono Mountains

For someone who wants to experience white water rafting for the first time, or if the family wants one last adventure before school starts, Poconos White Water Rafting has you covered.

Individual ticket prices are reasonable, considering the entire experience can take up to five hours, including 2-3 breaks and a lunch break.

Poconos White Water Rafting offers several rafting routes depending on the group. Over the weekend, our route had 2 class 3 rapids in the middle of the river. They were the most fun to go through, especially if you were able to paddle with speed. Paddling through rapids is quite the challenge, so it’s best if everyone in the boat paddles and doesn’t wait to float. If you just want to float, there are swimming pools that you can go to for much cheaper than white water rafting.

Don’t be afraid to get wet because you most certainly will! Of course the rapids will soak you. But in my case, we had splashing matches and we swam. The water felt great on such a warm day, and we really couldn’t have asked for better weather.

Some words of caution for first timers at Poconos White Water Rafting

Aside from the obvious, here are some things to know based on my first time on the trip.

While you will be given a waterproof bucket to put your lunch and wallet in, don’t rely on it wholeheartedly. Our lunch got soggy, making the meat on my sandwich the only thing edible. Eat before you get on the raft even if you are not hungry. By the time you get to your lunch break, you will have burnt enough calories to be hungry enough to eat every living thing in the water. And if you can only eat the meat off your sandwich, you will regret not eating. With that being said, I’m still thankful for that slice of pizza that I ate before the water!

Bring a waterproof case for your wallet and phone to put in the waterproof bucket. Better yet, just leave it all secure in your car, and buy a $10 picture of your boat as it is crossing one of the class C rapids. It is, in fact, not easy to take pictures while in the rapids. Do not attempt to bring selfie sticks.

Just don’t, ok?

While you don’t have to have the fitness of a professional athlete to do whitewater rafting, it is helpful to know how to swim in case you get thrown out or want to go for a swim at some point. Have enough concentration to listen to the instructors when they are explaining things before the trip starts. Be in shape so you don’t whine about rowing the whole time, because yes, it’s a lot of rowing. If you think you might need anxiety medication to put in that waterproof bucket, you should probably stay at the beach.

Going down to the river can be a challenge when it comes to the rocks and going downhill. The staff is patient while allowing you to take your time, and there is always someone lending a helpful hand. If there are issues with balance, your oar can help as a crutch going down too.

The guides were beyond helpful, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic about their jobs. There’s a 20 minute bus ride to and from the meeting area. During that time, you will be entertained with jokes and friendly banter between the staff and rafters.

I will for sure go again! More class 3 rapids, please!