Warrens Occult Museum in Connecticutt

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Every year, I say I want to go to the Warrens Occult Museum in Monrole, CT, Unfortunately for adrenaline junkies like myself, who do not mind a possible possession, there have not been tours recently.  Forget visiting in October when it’s completely booked for the Halloween season.

On any day of the year though, you can check out the Warrens Occult Museum online tours and video archives here.

What items are kept in the Warrens Occult Museum?

As many horror buffs know, the doll that inspired the movies Annabelle and The Conjouring is kept in a glass case.  The rest of the items found have the same origins, although the backgrounds of the artifacts may differ. Everything has been used in the occult and satanic rituals, leaving them cursed.

There are also voodoo dolls that were used by a witch doctor that were later sold on the black market. If you want to get the creeps, just take a look at the satanic idol in the video.

My childhood favorite movie was Amityville Horror. You cannot visit the real Amityville house on Long Island. In fact, it has been remodeled, and the entire town is not friendly to tourists scouting out the house for picture taking. But later, there will be artifacts used in that house in the Warrens Occult Museum. That’s something to look forward to!