Oktoberfest at Schnitzel Haus NYC

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Oktoberfest at Schnitzel Haus

In Bay Ridge near the 77th Avenue R train stop, it looks a bit like many inner cities in Germany. There is a whole heck of a lot of gyro and kebab shops due to the Middle Eastern influence in the area. But tucked away is a sign, Schnitzel Haus!

As someone who has been to Oktoberfest in Munich, I was excited because it was the time of the year, where I get nostalgic. I know that I am not ever going to find a real Munich Oktoberfest in America. But at least I can find German beer like Hofbrau!

I had originally gone to Schnitzel Haus 2 weeks ago only to discover that they only take cash, not credit cards. Although I went away disappointed, they were on my radar for future trips to Bay Ridge.

And so it began last week that I ventured out in search of the finest schnitzel. That is really something that I have not had since Germany in 2001. I was mad hungry!

But when I got to Schnitzel Haus, they had a buffet. A German buffet? Ok!

You’d think I’d eat like a pig, but I did not. After all, German food is way more filling than Chinese food where I can eat 5 plates!

German buffet at Schnitzel Haus NYC
German buffet at Schnitzel Haus NYC
German buffet at Schnitzel Haus NYC
German buffet at Schnitzel Haus NYC

The winners of the German buffet were the German meatballs, which were huge. They were cooked in a beer and cheese sauce that gave that and the spaetze some good taste.

I’m going back. This is by far the best German beer for your money that you will find in New York City. No need to wait for Oktoberfest in New York City. Schnitzel Haus has you covered with hearty German food and big mugs of German beer all year round!

Alles gut!