Gyro World in Ridgewood, Queens NYC

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Gyro platter at Gyro World

Gyro World is by far the best Greek restaurant in Ridgewood, Queens NYC. The restaurant is on the busy Fresh Pond Road amongst other ethnic restaurants. Do not overlook them, especially if you appreciate solid Greek food.

When I first walked in, I was too hungry after running errands to consider that there might be a server despite the casual few tables and chairs. It was not busy at all, so I walked over and placed my order and paid right away. Then I sat waiting for my food. When the food was finished, it was in a takeout bag. Ordinarily I would have just taken it and ate it on the train on my way home, but my stomach seriously needed to eat now. That and I have an irrational fear of some wackjob with nothing better to do than to take my picture with the white sauce running down my chin and then uploading the picture to Facebook for it to go viral.

The server got me utensils, and after the food was remade, they brought it out. I ordered a salad with pita and gyro with fries, also known as the gyro platter. I knew by looking at the food that it would last me three days easily. The salad had the right amount of dressing, and considering the room I’d need to eat the main course, it was a nice sized appetizer portion. The lamb and beef meat was seasoned just right and a good quality, thin sliced plate of meat, just as I’d expect to find in Greece. Although it was a Greek place, I have to say that my favorite part of my meal at Gyro World was the fries! In fact, there needed to be more! Seasoned just right, and even though they were thin, they would have tasted awesome with vinegar.

During the summer months, all windows are open. Catch a breeze as you enjoy your food.

Overall, it was a very casual and friendly place. Since it wasn’t busy at the time I went, it looked like it would be a fun restaurant to go to for a big platter of delicious Greek food as you catch up with friends or family. In fact, as I left, there was a group of guys sitting down to do just that!

Astoria is the neighborhood that gets people thinking about authentic Greek food. But Gyro World in the Ridgewood section will not disappoint for its authenticity and neighborhood friendly service.