Newly “discovered by me” trolley in Queens

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Used to be a platform for the Ridgewood Trolley

As I was taking an adventure to Ridgewood, Queens today, I discovered a piece of New York City.
What is now the M train used to be a trolley that ran the same route. When the transportation authorities decided to elevate the M train, they left the trolley tracks. The trolley was fully functional until the 1940’s.

Ridgewood was not the only area to have a trolley. In fact, trollies were so important to the then undeveloped areas of Brooklyn and Queens that they influenced the name of sports teams. In order to get to the stadium where the Brooklyn Dodgers played, it was said that you had to be a dodger of trollies. Hence, the Brooklyn Dodgers!

This particular area where the step was located at had been changed into a small parking lot, so I didn’t snap anymore pictures. But stay tuned and more pics will come.