Nepalese Indian Restaurant in Ridgewood, Queens NYC

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Chicken curry at Nepalese Indian Restaurant in Queens

Another restaurant gem at Seneca Avenue and Myrtle Avenue in Ridgewood, Queens is Nepalese Indian Restaurant. Indian restaurants are a dime a dozen anymore, since Indian food has become so trendy. But since it had Nepalese in the name, I knew it would be different.

I was greeted warmly right away when I went in. The staff continued to be friendly to everyone when they ate. You could really tell that they love dealing with people and care about their food being served.

In the cell phone world, we often miss the beauty of some of the restaurants interior. I happened to look up and see a beautiful painting, as I waited for my order.

Painting at Nepalese Indian Restaurant
Painting at Nepalese Indian Restaurant

On the menu, it was unfortunate that there was only a few Nepalese selections. But it was still ok because they had Momos, a traditional dumpling. I chose the chicken momos, and the plate was a meal in itself. They were nicely steamed, and the chicken was not overcooked, and it was flavorful, especially with the cold sauce they put on the side.

Momos served at Nepalese Indian Restaurant in Queens
Momos served at Nepalese Indian Restaurant in Queens

The main course was, of course, Indian. I got my usual chicken curry, extra spicy. It was spicy enough, although I did not need to finish the entire bottle of complimentary water they give to each table. But for most people, their tongues would need a fire extinguisher. Either way, it had good flavor that was well balanced with the spiciness.

Update: February 20, 2017

Since the original writing of this article, I have eaten there several times, as I’m now close by. My boyfriend has encouraged, and actually succeeded, in getting me to eat something besides chicken curry, extra spicy.

The vindaloo is very spicy, but it is also vinegar-y. Many people may not be fond of this style.

I do recommend lamb biryani. It is served mildly spiced, and let it remain that way. It is served like an Afghani Kabuli pulau with the raisins and nuts. Their biryani has the right balance between the raisins and the traditional spices from that region.