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Yak momos

On a search for goat curry on Yelp, I discovered Himalayan Yak in Jackson Heights, Queens. Seeing as how Jackson Heights is known for its sizeable desi population, I knew that Himalayan Yak had to be authentic. But not only is it authentic, there’s something extreme on the Himalayan Yak menu, yak.

I was there within twenty four hours!

The yak is found mainly in the Himalayas, as well as in some parts of Russia. Or in some poor yak’s case, on my plate in New York City. I ordered yak momos because I had seen them on Yelp. I really enjoyed them. The skin of the momos was very thick, which reminded me of the thickness of an egg noodle. The yak tasted like a leaner beef. I would definitely order them again.

During the first time, my intention was to order the goat curry as well. After all, it was what I had originally searched for. However, I was too full, so I stopped in a few days later for their Sunday buffet, since it happened to be a coincidence that I was in that same area. Goat curry happened to be on the menu as well.

Unfortunately, it was not the goat curry I was in search of, as the meat did not have the skin still on it. But it was still very tasty. The larger pieces of meat were a little tough to chew though, which was a drawback. The smaller pieces were obviously easy to tenderize, so they were the best meat you could eat. There were bones, so be prepared, but they were usually big ones, so you could see them instead of choke on them. The sauce that came with the curry was very good with the rice that I put under the goat curry.

Goat curry at Himalayan Yak Sunday buffet
The pic of the goat curry probably doesn’t do it justice. Since I ate everything else on the buffet before I knew it was there, I only had room for a small bowl!

The rest of the Himalayan buffet was good as well, and unlike a lot of the Indian buffets in America, even in New York City, sorry to say, Himalayan Yak did not skimp on spice! You won’t need a fire engine for your tongue (ok, some people might), but you could tell the food wasn’t watered down, and that really impressed me.

The ending of the meal was a fine cup of tea. No, not Lipton or Earl Gray. This tea is, so far, the most exotic of teas I’ve ever had, and that is the Himalayan butter tea. It is served hot, and there is a froth at the top. Your first sip of this tea is shocking because there is a strong hint of butter. Don’t worry though. Keep drinking. You will get used the taste after the second sip, and by the time you get to actually drinking more of the tea and less froth, you will fall in love with it. It is a must try tea!

Butter tea
Butter tea

The service was good. They are not intrusive, but they are also attentive and approachable as well. It wasn’t busy either time I went there, which was ok for me, since I hate crowds. But more people should go to really try the yak.  So far, I believe that they are the only restaurant in New York City that serves yak.