Chip butty: would you like meat with that?

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Having had this sandwich in York, England a few years ago on the side of a highway, I totally forgot about its existence. Shame on me. The chip butty is probably the most overlooked food coming from England.

You’re seeing correctly. No need to get your eyes checked Those are french fries, or more appropriate, chips, in that sandwich. The chip butty is made from a big bread roll smothered in butter with a heaping portion of french fries. It is recommended that you eat it on an empty stomach due to its size and the amount of carbs in one meal. But it tastes great with beer.

I was curious to know how the chip butty originated. According to wikipiedia,  it originated as a working class meal in the pubs of Northern England. It doesn’t specify a time frame, so what I’m about to say is only speculation. Throughout Europe’s long history, war, famine, and other hardships were common, depending on the era. Each country or region had its own coping strategy during hard times. I’m thinking that at one point, meat was scarce or too expensive for the common man at one point. Since hamburgers were hard to come by, the chip sandwich was born.

Someone from England may know more than me, but for now, that is my theory. But if my theory is correct in how the chip butty was invented, it just shows how important food is to a people and how even the simplest of foods can be such a big staple of survival and comfort from the worst of times to the best of times.