The Green Place: Nigerian food in Brooklyn

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African food is not as common as the food of other continents, which is a shame. I’ve been lucky to have Ethiopian food in a few states, including New York City. NYC is also home to a large Senegalese population, so I’ve been lucky to have Senegalese food in NYC. Even more random, I’ve had South African food in Manchester, England. So when I saw that The Green Place, a Nigerian restaurant, opened up near me, I just had to try it out!

It is easy to see why they named the restaurant The Green Place. From the Nigerian flag hanging on the front of the restaurant to the inside painting, everything is green. It gives it a nice, distinct look in comparison to other restaurants.

I ordered the goat soup despite it being warm in New York that day. At first, I did not like the ten dollar price tag. However, when I got the soup, I thought more about it. I was paying for its authenticity, and judging by the amount of spice, it was pretty authentic. Not to mention, I’m sure the price of goat is high as well.

When the woman brought me the soup, she warned me that it was spicy. I eat spicier than the average white person, including my Indian food extra spicy. Consequently, I did not take her warning serious. But when I took my first sip of the broth, I knew that I should eat this soup slowly. It was indeed spicy, even for me.Good thing I had Coke to drink.

The goat chunks were big and generous, although I was not a fan of the cartridge attached to them. I would have been happier with more meat fitting where the cartridge was in the bowl. But it was tasty. There was some spinach (it looked like anyways) for garnish inside the broth as well. While I ate, I realized that the broth was the part of the soup that soaked up all the spice. Next time I eat this soup, I am going to have it over rice in order to soak up the spicy broth. That will make it even better. Great minds must think alike because when I suggested this to the woman who served me, she told me that’s the way most people eat it.

I must give respect to Nigerian food though. It is definitely the spiciest food in American so far that I’ve had without signing a waiver!