NuNoodle Bar NYC

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Ramen has been hogging all the attention in the noodle world of Asian cuisine in recent years. When I walked into NuNoodle a block or two from the Woodhaven BLVD subway stop in Queens, I expected to find another Ramen place, but I was pleasantly surprised.

The menu with pictures drew me in. Even more, when I saw beef and noodles on the menu, I just had to go in. Coming from Ohio, I miss beef and noodles, although obviously, the Chinese version is nothing like Ohio! But the beef and noodle soup conjured up memories from my childhood, so I knew I’d like it.

And I was right!

First, the broth is a hearty beef broth. That is filling on its own if you wanted to sip a bowlful. But don’t just do that please. The beef is just as tender and juicy as it would be in my childhood comfort food of beef and noodles. My only complaint is that there were only a few chunks of beef.

But the noodles are so not Ramen! I walked into my very first Chinese place that served noodles that are homemade by the women who run this mom and pop Chinese restaurant. The noodles are thick and soak up the broth well.

NuNoodle Noodle Bar has the word bar in the name, so as a typical American might assume, they serve beer. This makes it a very unique place because it’s a mix between a noodle house, sports bar, and a regular bar all in one. The tables are long, and the dining room is spacious. They have sports on the big screen TV. If you are into sports and Asian food, this is a good choice of restaurant!