Oatcakes from Stoke on Trent

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Look at this beautiful oat cake I found:) #stokeontrent #food #english

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I’ve never heard of oatcakes until recently when I met a nice Stokie, who introduced me to them. He described oatcakes, which cannot be found to my knowledge in New York City, as having the texture and fluffiness of the Ethiopian flat bread but without the sour taste. Since I like Ethiopian bread, I decided to try them.

I got lucky to have them imported from someone I knew. I still haven’t found a delicious way to eat them sweetened, but made with bacon and cheese is an absolutely great way to start the day! And apparently, that’s the only way a real Stokie would have it. Since I like to be as authentic as possible…

This is absolutely  the only way to eat oatmeal, which is what oatcakes are made from.

The cheese filling and of course do not forget the HP sauce!

The origin of the oatcakes is unknown. But there is a reason they’ve been such a huge part of Stoke on Trent history and culture. They are damn good! And we need them here in New York City now!