Garbage in Central Park NYC

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Garbage live in #nyc #music

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It’s come to my attention that not that many people knew that Garbage, one of my favorite bands from the 90’s, was back together touring. I guess it’s a good thing though because I was able to get tickets before they had a chance to sell out!

For the second time since moving to New York City, I got to see a concert in Central Park. The outdoor environment makes for a special night, although the humidity could have gone away. But judging by the crowd, it did not stop people from coming.

Garbage put on a good show. They played for at least an hour and a half. Some of the songs were from the new album, but some of them were from the old albums we grew up with, such as Special and I’m Only Happy When it Rains.

To make it even better, I could see the stage sometimes. Unlike previous concerts, I now have the luxury of a tall boyfriend, so I can finally experience what it is like to have a man lift you up to his height so you can see better.

Also noteworthy is how down to earth the band was on stage, even dedicating one of their songs to the LGBT community.

Nineties bands are reuniting and making a comeback, and it was certainly a great time for alternative music. I have always missed that era, and I’m glad that it is coming back along with bands that I knew and loved!