January National Fat Free Living Month in NYC

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Our society struggles to eat healthy. For this reason, obesity is on the rise along with other conditions, such as heart disease and diabetes. If you want to change your diet for a more healthy future, good for you. Even if you want to detox from unhealthy food like fast food for a while, this is also a good decision because every little bit helps. In the end, you may decide you like it and decide to change altogether.

January is national fat free eating month. Since eating our is most convenient for our busy lifestyles, I’ll choose a few restaurants that you can get delicious , healthy food from or ones that offer an entire vegan menu. Even if you are not vegan, it is interesting to try a new take on your favorite foods. In some cases, such as tofu scrambled eggs, you cannot tell a difference between real and fake.

The first step in getting healthy is what you put in your body. So here is where to eat in New York City.

Tiny’s Giant

I had the Happy Salad about a year ago, and I have not been able to get it out of my mind since. The salad is huge, and the chickpeas give it a different flavor as opposed to the usual meat that you might have on your salad. As far as fat free goes, the cheese may have a little, so in a way, we are cheating. But it is probably so little that it does not matter too much. If you really want to stick to fat free, just ask them to leave the cheese off. Problem solved.

Happy salad!! #salad #healthy #nyc #foodporn #food

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Toad Style

I will always wonder why a vegan restaurant is named Toad Style. It has existed on Ralph Avenue in Brooklyn for over a year, and I never went in because I figured their food would taste like Morningstar. But I saw a video from Edible Brooklyn about how a company in Brooklyn makes their hot dogs out of natural vegetables, not soy. It was an interesting mixture, so I had to give their Casino Dawg a try.

My first impression was the bite into the bread. It was delicious. The hot dog itself was interesting, but it would not impress me if the other stuff was not served with it. It was too soft for what I’m used to in hot dogs. The mayonnaise topping was good, and I am now a fan of having potatoes served with my hot dog. (Maybe it is because I am a fan already of the chip butty though.)

Casino dog #vegan #food

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The Picnic Basket

Manhattan was the first borough to fall victim to the chainification of New York City. In capitalist style, it is only getting worse. It is refreshing to find small businesses though who still have the New York personality and uniqueness. This is how I felt when I discovered The Picnic Basket on Yelp. And like Yogi Bear would have done, I ran for the picnic basket!

The salad is where it’s at. I opted for the garden salad, and much to my nutty desires, it was topped with cashews. The salad was fresh and filling. The customer service, I must add, was on point.

Mm..yummy garden #salad with cashews #healthy #nyc #nycfood #nycrestaurants

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Eating healthy can be temporary or a lifestyle change. It does not have to be boring. It can even be done on the go, as often eating is done in New York City. And most of all, it can be unpretentious and fun. This experiment has made me want to eat better or try to long after this adventure is published.