January National Soup Month in NYC


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I do not know who decided what month was National Soup Month, but since the winter technically began on December 21, I guess January is as good as any to celebrate soups. And here’s how to do it in New York City!

Like some of the other coffee shops in Bedstuy, Manny’s has a different soup everyday. When I went to Manny’s and had their chicken noodle soup, it was not chunky enough for me. But for those that like lots of broth, here ya go!

Chicken vegetable soup @ Manny ' s #nyc #nycfood #food #foodporn #instafood #nyceats #nycrestaurants #soup

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I have yet to decide who is my favorite Polish restaurant in New York City, but here is one for National Soup Month. The borscht happens to be Ukranian, but so what. Go to Dziupla in Williamsburg and get some!

In Queens, go for some homemade noodle soup at NuNoodle Bar. NuNoodle Bar has such a big dining room area hat you can bring your friends and family. Between spiciness and the hot broth soaked up wonderfully by the homemade noodles, the beef and noodle soup rocks on a hot winter day in New York.

Don’t forget the newcomer to the Bedstuy neighborhood, also celebrating some Nigerian influence, is The Green Place. Their goat soup will warm your insides in both warmth and spice. Bring a big bottle of water in with you because you will need it! Nigerian food is spicy.

Amelia’s Cafe is a small diner that happened to provide a waram bowl of lentil soup to keep me warm for la simple lunch. Located near the Financial District, Amelia’s Cafe serves up regular diner food with friendly service. It is a quiet place so you can have a special time catching up with friends there.