National Bloody Mary Day in NYC


I have a confession to make. As someone who can be sensitive to tomatoes (but not hot sauce and other gut exploding things), I do not like bloody Mary’s. Β But for those of you who favor the bloody mary over a samosa at brunch, here are excellent NYC brunch spots that just so happens to have bloody Marys on the menu.

Saraghina, Brooklyn (Bedstuy)

Saraghina is mostly known for its artisnal pizza. The place is a bit hipster-y, but if you are into upscale, different types of pizza, this is a great spot. They also have a brunch menu, such as items like pancakes.

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Catfish, Brooklyn (Crown Heights)

I actually went to Catfish soon after it first opened, way before Instagram I think. When I went, I had their sweet potato cheesecake. As a cheesecake fanatic myself, I absolutely loved it, so the sweet potato cheesecake at Catfish is definitely recommended!

And yes, Bloody Mary is available at Catfish!

Mini bloody mary, lolol

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The fattie is going in! #lovefood

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Peaches, Brooklyn (Bedstuy)

I’ve been to Peaches for dinner a long time ago, and I’ve had their turkey over mashed potatoes. I absolutely love Peaches. Unfortunately for me, but fortunately for Peaches, so does everyone else in the neighborhood! I have not been able to get in for brunch anytime I’ve tried. I’m sure it’s really good though!

Sunday Brunch before work πŸ˜πŸ’£πŸ’£

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Therapy Wine Bar, Brooklyn (Bedstuy)

Nice name for a bar when you need some hangover therapy! Their brunches are light, but healthy and good. If you like cheese, Therapy is certainly recommended.

The Malt House, Manhattan (Greenwich Village)

Another place I’ve been to for brunch before Instagram, and I forget what I had. But I do remember bottomless minosas and friendly and accommodating service for the group we had at the time! Yes, they do have Bloody Marys too for fans of tomato juice!

How can you not love a restaurant that carves initials into buns?

Amsterdam Tavern, Manhattan (Upper West Side)

Although I’ve never been here for brunch, I absolutely love this place. The bartenders are always awesome, and I never have a bad time. It’s a mix between locals and Columbia students, so it can get interesting. For their brunch, they have vegan and gluten free options.

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And apparently Amsterdam Tavern has the cure for a hangover, which I’m sure many people needed on January 1!

Sunday brunch n stuff.. They call this one the hangover cure!

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And there you have it. Bloody Marys, or at least some of the best brunches, which will likely have Bloody Marys on the menu. While you guys celebrate National Bloody Mary Day in NYC, that will leave all the minosas for me!