January National Baking Month

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What better way to celebrate National Baking Month than finding the best bakeries in New York City? Although there have been tons of artisan and other niche style bakeries opening up in recent years, the best are the old school bakeries with an ethnic touch that adds personality and character to the experience.

Known as the real Chinatown, Flushing, Queens is a haven for anyone who loves Asian food. Tucked between Chinese shops and restaurants on Prince Street is Japanese Irish Tea and Bakery. The savory pastries lining the window are fascinating looking enough to draw you in, but anyone with a sweet tooth will appreciate the sweet pastries and cakes. The Hello Kitty mouse was a very light cheesecake that was not too sweet at all. It tasted great with a coffee for a mid afternoon snack or a dessert after eating at Spicy and Salty across the street.

Old World Bakery, Ridgewood, Queens

Old World Bakery is a Polish bakery that has been in the European neighborhood of Ridgewood for years. When you go in, you will feel like you are in a bakery in Poland. Everything in the windows looks delicious, so I’m sure you cannot go wrong with anything there.

Move over Chips Ahoy! I don’t care how many chips you bet I can bite or how chewy you are. These chocolate chip cookies from Old World Bakery are so good that I had to go back and get more because I ate the first couple I bought on the way home! They are freshly made and soft without being cakey. Have these with milk. You’ll never do boxed again!

I forgot to take a picture of the bread before making myself a sandwich. That’s how good the bread is. Old World Bakery is the only place that has gotten me to appreciate whole wheat bread. They make their bread daily, so it is fresh. You can buy it sliced or not sliced. If you want it to be sliced, they will gladly slice it right in front of you.

There are lots of items to choose from, so don’t stop there. The best thing besides the delicious food is that Old World Bakery is the most affordable bakery I’ve seen so far in New York City. The items are all dirt cheap without sacrificing quality.

L’Imprimerie, Ridgewood, Queens

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L’imprimerie, a French bakery across from the White Castle in Ridgewood, used to be a printing business. What better name for the place than L’Imprimerie, which means ‘printing’ in French?

The croissants and pain au chocolat taste exactly as they do in Paris. And as you can see above, they pride themselves on their baguettes, which are made fresh daily. And yes, they do taste like the ones in France. The pastries and bread are affordable, and the baguettes make excellent sandwiches.

Most recently, L’Imprimerie has begun making fresh quiches. They have a few varieties. They are very light, so a healthy breakfast is in order or a light lunch when you are working on your laptop on their free wifi.

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Joel’s Bakery in Ridgewood is what you need for an affordable to fix to a Dominican pastry and cookie craving. Hot, cheap coffee for the morning commute too!

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Although Wafa’s Express is not a bakery but a new Lebanese restaurant in Brooklyn, the kenefeh gets an honorable mention and it’s own special update on this post. It is an excellent alternative to the more familiar baklava.

And there you have it. Just a few of the many bakeries that call New York City home. Whether you are looking for a quick bite or need a cake made for a special occasion, give these bakeries a call .