Impromptu nature walk in Queens

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What is going on with the weather in New York City? Will we have a winter? It was a balmy sixty four degrees on this February day, and Accuweather says it will be fifty eight degrees tomorrow. The weather in NYC currently feels like April! Even the trees and flowers, some of which have started to bloom, agree with me.
Today was lovely with a slight breeze and a lot of sun. Great day for a long walk. We discovered a park in Ridgewood. They have a roller hockey rink.There were several basketball hoops where fathers took their kids out to teach them how to shoot hoops. There was a soccer game going on to my left.
In Polish.
I love Ridgewood!
Right outside the park was something I’ve never seen before. I saw parrots in a tree, not in a cage in a pet shop.

Look at the parrots we found! #nyc #nature #glendale #birds

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In the same tree, I zoomed in and got what we think was a mourning dove dove.

We think this is a mourning dove #nyc #nature #birds

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I never knew the term mourning dove because they are often referred to as turtle doves, thanks to pop culture. First there is ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’ that we’ve heard since we were kids. Then turtle doves were referenced in ‘Home Alone 2: Lost in New York’.

I should have known that I would find turtle doves in New York City at some point!