The King’s Feast NYC

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Ridgewood, Queens is known for its Polish population. There are polish stores and restaurants big and small. But if you really want to eat like Polish royalty, go to The King’s Feast on Fresh Pond Road. You will see what a feast is!

You are greeted quick by friendly hosts and servers. On the night we went, it was quiet, and there were a few groups of what looked to be life long friends from the neighborhood together chatting and laughing over their meal. The restaurant has medieval decorations hanging on the walls.

Axes @ The King's Feast #ridgewood #queens #nyc #nycrestaurants

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Sabres @ The King's Feast #ridgewood #queens #nyc #nycrestaurants

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The menu is a few pages long so it’s diverse.

The choices on The king’s Feast menu all look delicious, so it’s hard to choose. You will get a side of sauerkraut and pickles, so you don’t have to order sauerkraut as a part of your meal if you don’t want to.

The appetizers are a main dish in themselves. They are an excellent choice if you are eating alone. We got the blood sausage and sauerkraut. (We love sauerkraut). Like I said, the appetizer is a meal for one. The blood sausage did not taste English. Actually, it had a texture of haggis I thought. The nostalgia was a bonus for me, since I loved haggis when I had it in Scotland!

The main dish was twice as big. We didn’t finish the sausage before the waitress gave us the main dishes. Our table sure did look like a king would feast there!

The food was delicious. The meat eating kings and queens will love the chicken breast stuffed with ham. For a lighter, yet still filling, main course, choose the stuffed cabbage.

Next time we go, steak tartar will be on my plate. I know it’s weird to eat raw hamburger, but something tells me these guys will get it right!