Wafa’s Express-Kenefeh in Queens


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I noticed Seamless had a new Middle Eastern restaurant that opened up two miles from me. Unfortunately there is a hefty delivery fee, so it was not until today that I took advantage of the beautiful weather and went for a walk to see if Wafa’s Express could possibly be the Kenefeh Mecca of New York City.

Kenefeh is a pastry made with shredded phyllo dough stuffed with cheese. ┬áIt is soaked in a sweet syrup. I got excited when I saw kenefeh on the menu at Wafa’s because I haven’t eaten it since I was in the West Bank several years ago.

The kenefeh at Wafa Express did not disappoint! In fact, it went beyond my expectations because it was served fresh and hot. It was made as we were eating our sandwiches, so by the time we finished the sandwiches, the kenefeh was brought to us.

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The menu at Wafa Express is large and every item appears to be authentic. Their menu goes beyond the standard falafal.

Like kenefeh, I have not had kibbeh since I was in the Middle East. Guess what kind of sandwich I got?

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You guessed it! The entire sandwich was huge, and it made me thankful I did not get a platter as I had originally intended. Although the sandwich stuck together until almost the very end, it was top heavy with hummus and sauce, so the the bread fell apart before I could finish the last couple of bites.

I would not get delivery here because the best experience is to eat in. I’d be worried that the sandwich would be soggy by the time it would be delivered to you, although the kenefeh is sure to survive the delivery. Besides, the family who runs Wafa’s Express is lovely, as is the international feel with several different languages heard amongst the patrons.

Wafa’s Express used to be in Forest Hills, but thanks so much for moving to Brooklyn!