The Pickle Guys will open a fried pickle restaurant in spring 2017 in NYC

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Living in New York City, I see my home in movies all the time. It is neat to learn something new, and it is funny to correct them when they are wrong. When I watched The Cobbler a few months ago on Netflix, an old fashioned pickle shop on the Lower East Side was in the movie. I googled it, and it existed at a new location. I love pickles. I was on my way to see The Pickle Guys.

The minute I walked in, I could smell nothing but pickles. However, in those big, red barrels, there is more than just pickles. Of the pickles, they have several different types from sour to spicy. Then they have pickled mushrooms, pickled garlic, pickled pineapple, pickled mango, and other pickled items. It was overwhelming. I got a couple of pickles and said I would come back.

It looks like I will be back soon and for a different reason too. The Pickle Guys are opening a new fried pickle restaurant in spring 2017. I love frickles, and I hope they are cheaper than the ones at bars. In fact, their pickles from the red barrels that I bought were a dollar each. Considering they are made on sight and it is a touristy place made famous by movies, it was a good deal.

And they are truly a last of their kind in New York City as it stands now. I’m glad that they are adapting and evolving their concept of pickles.