Shelly’s Cafe serves up homemade Irish food in NYC

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Having been to the UK twice before, it is a shame that I have yet to jump across over to Ireland for a visit. But I found the next best thing on US soil. No, not just another Irish pub. I found a little deli that serves up home cooked Irish food with love, Shelly’s Cafe in Maspeth, Queens.

Friday’s visit was special. Not only was it my first time being there after drooling over their photos on social media, they had a smörgåsbord of Easter candy imported from overseas. Cadbury egg as big as my head, don’t mind if I do!

You can tell right away that Shelly’s Cafe caters to the local population, be it Irish or otherwise. To walk into a place and hear the Irish accent is a bit promising. I have a theory that if the people come from the same place as where the food comes from and they are regulars, then the food is spot on. What’s good for them is good for me. And you can tell immediately that they are regulars because Shelly’s is the type of place where they get to know you.

The shepherd’s pie took a bit, but it was made from scratch as new orders came in. The meat was seasoned well, and if you add HP sauce to the top, it’s perfection. If you like mashed potatoes, feel free to order a side of them. For food that is ready made, they have a deli portion for that. The food looked good there, so I’ll get that next time. Actually everything on the menu looked delicious, so I will go the distance it takes to get to Maspeth (thanks a lot, Fresh Pond Road traffic!) and indulge! (especially since I know she also sells my favorite chocolate bars).

Shelly’s Cafe, thanks for being a spot for the ones who miss it on the other side of the pond!