Elk Burger at Bareburger NYC

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Americans sure do love their burgers. In fact, even the vegetarians cannot live without burgers, so there are different variations of veggie burgers. It’s a staple of American lifestyle, so there is a saturation of burger joints around the country, the most famous of them being McDonald’s. Most recently, more artisan burger joints have taken the nation by storm. Unfortunately in most cases, they are all the same. As far as New York City burgers go though, Bareburger is in a league of its own.

Bareburger could have been just another burger restaurant that throws in the trendy word organic. It not only did that and makes sure that all burgers are from grass fed animals, it does more than just serve just another beef patty. Depending on the location, you can get such exotic meats as bison, ostrich, and elk. I have had bison on several occasions, so this time I chose a medium cooked elk burger.

On the menu, you can have have it your way, like Burger King says you can, only at Bareburger, you really can. Customize your burger beginning with the type of bun you want, whether you want an egg or bacon o both, several types of cheese, and toppings. Since the elk was grass fed, I pictured an elk chewing on grass as I ordered. I decided my elk should be chewed up and in my belly healthy just as he was in the field. I was amused by alfalfa being on the menu because my dad mowed alfalfa on the farm, but I never knew you could eat it. Then I chose cheese and mushrooms.

Honestly, the healthiest part of the meal was the French fries. Elk is one of the healthiest red meats that you can eat. It is low in fat and high in protein. Since it is low in cholesterol, it is a good substitute to beef for those who have problems with high cholesterol levels or heart disease.

Our society needs to use the animals that are out there in order to adapt to a food supply that has been contaminated with antibiotics and possible bad imports from China. By adding more exotic food items to our diet, we will be able to sustain ourselves and eat delicious and healthy meals at the same time.

If you really want to indulge, try a milkshake at Bareburger. Even those are customizable! I’ll save those for the summer. Hopefully then I will locate an ostrich burger!