NYC::Two story Biggie Memorial Under Attack by Vulture Developer in Bedstuy

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Update: June 4, 2017 Biggie is saved!
I was sickened to read earlier today about a two story Notorious B.I.G mural that will be taken down thanks to gentrification in Bedstuy. Biggie Smalls is more important to Bedstuy than any greedy landlord or developer in New York City. And more loved too.

The mural of Biggie was a memorial. It was not gang graffiti or chicken scribbles like a lot of abandoned buildings still have on their walls. This mural meant something not only to the artists who created it but to an entire neighborhood, whose native inhabitants can probably tell you where they were when they got the news that Biggie died like a lot of people can tell you where they were when they heard the news that Curt Cobain died. It’s a part of their history even if it is not a part of the history of the landlords and new inhabitants.
What have the yuppies contributed to the area besides just another cliche bar, coffee shop, and rising rents? It’s fine to have a few coffee shops and bars to complement a neighborhood, but yuppies take it to the extreme with their lack of diversity and uniqueness.
Have yuppies contributed to the local music scene the way Biggie has? Where has Brooklyn (and NYC for that matter) rap gone since Biggie’s death?
Rap everywhere has gotten commercialized, overrated, and cliche;
the same words that can be used to describe the yuppies who fuel the greed that the parasitic developers and landlords use to destroy the heart of New York City.