Tower Isles Carribean Food Festival

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Going from Nepal to Jamaica in the same day can only happen in New York City. Stumbling upon a video about Jamaican beef patties coincidentally a few days before I actually ate one for the first time would only happen to me. I love how random and exciting life can be at times.


I found myself walking around Brooklyn Saturday afternoon, and I heard loud music. It was reggae, and that will always draw me in. The first thing I noticed besides the booming music was that it drew in a long line ahead of me. A woman in the line told me that it was an event where they give out free food. As usual, I never know who “they” is that everyone always talks about, but in this case, it had to do with free food and not conspiracies. I took my place in line despite the length.

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I got caught in a downpour and my clothes clung to my body. I did not care. I discovered there was free jerk chicken somewhere in there. Like those before me, I waited out the storm.

It took about two hours in total of waiting in line. But it was worth it. There was no spot for foodie pics of the finished product, but trust me. I got enough jerk chicken to feed two or three people. THey also had jerk pork, hot dogs, hamburgers, and sweets.

And yes, Jamaican beef patties.

I personally thought the beef resembled a paste. I’m also not sure if the guy in the video would classify this as a normal or mild patty. But after watching this video, I appreciate the beef patty more because of how passionate people are towards it. Whether you agree that the spreading and adapting of the beef patty is gentrification or embrace the fact that other people eat your food before it becomes society’s food fetish, you must always remember to appreciate the origin of the food.

Not to mention how affordable they were before gentrification made the price of the food skyrocket.

Tower Isles is a beef patty factory located in Bedstuy, Brooklyn. In the morning, you will smell beef patties all around. They also have a factory where you can get an affordable beef patty fix for a snack or meal. Take some home and freeze them.

The festival was great despite the rain. Good music and friendly people. Thank you Tower Isles for being a part of the community!