Autumn Walk From Brooklyn to Queens

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On a whim a couple weeks ago, I decided to try to walk to Central Park from Brooklyn. Unfortunately, my foot gave up as I managed to get as far as Roosevelt Island. But before setting foot on the island, I remembered visiting the island several years ago when I first moved to New York City and how dark it was. I decided to call it a day. After all, I had already conquered a large amount on foot and mind.

I began the walk that ended in Long Island City with the same serenity that I began it with.

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The Brooklyn end of the walk took me through some ungentrified parts of Brooklyn. And even the parts that were gentrified, there was not a rich coffee shop on every corner, so it still felt like a glimpse into the old New York. I took in the sights as my feet kissed the sidewalk of a city that will not be the same six months from now, let alone a year from now.

The first stop into old New York wass what I thought was a simple diner called Little Brooklyn. Actually it was a Mexican restaurant. The steak taco was delicious and juicy, but the quality of meat could have been better. I would still totally go back for other food though. It was very quiet and family owned. For sports fanatics, Formula One was playing on teh television. That’s a rarity in the USA.

Head out of Bushwick into Williamsburg, an area known for gentrification. I hit maybe the outter edge of it as I made my way into Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

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Even yellow cabs of New York City have to sleep sometimes!

Always wondered where yellow cabbies went to take a break;) #nyc

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I love how people decorate for Halloween here.

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And then it happened. A highway and bridge in Greenpoint seperated me from going into Queens. I walked around for what seemed like forever seeing if I could find another way. Either way, I was going to have to cross the bridge at some point. I started to walk, and backed away. There was so much nope with this highway!


Just when I was about to turn around and call it a day, a runner got on the bridge. I watched her go, and I thought to myself “If she is running safe, then I can walk safe. Just hold on. Let’s do this.”

And I did.

This was the view that I was rewarded with.

I looked down after taking in the view. I saw evidence that I was standing on an old draw bridge that would rise so ships could go through. Just then a passing car made the area of my bridge shake.

I ran for my life to the end of the bridge.

but the important thing was I made it. Like so many times in my life, I did not turn away. Not turning away and defending myself has been very crucial in living in bigger cities where sadists like to find people to prey on. It is a bit funny when they target certain people, but then they get mad when their target fights back. They do not suspect it. They are sore losers. I may never overcome my fear of highways, but I find away to work with it. One thing that New York has given me is a new found sense of confidence in myself that had been lost.

Another highway with fast cars. Another bridge. This one I did not go over or under though. But I heard a lot of rats underneath. Yuck!

This is the part I had to cross. I told myself that if it breaks, I can swim. And if it breaks over land, it is not that far down. I will only break a leg, right? But I waited for someone else to get on the bridge behind me. Safety in numbers, right?

Once again, I was rewarded with a beautiful view off the bridge!

A new highway for me. but this time there was a sidewalk with no bridges. And I followed people too. in fact, I learned that highways do not scare New Yorkers at all! It is just another road to them!

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When I got into Queens, I felt pretty good. I was certainly not as tired as this guy!

Pouting in the street? #nyc #art #sculpture #random

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He looks comfortable. Too many fast cars for me to trust though!

Ya I will totally post that! #nyc #random

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Around this park, there are too many highways. But thankfully there were yellow jacketed crossing guards to make sure the cars knew their place and did not run over me. I love New York.

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Within these trees, there is some tranquility. Sit on the benches and just breathe. Luckily for me, the highway adventure was over. It was sidewalks for me the rest of the way!

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Roosevelt Island sunset #nyc

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The crescent moon looked so cute over the Queenborrough Bridge.

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Queensboro Bridge but didnt know that stupid building was blocking it #nyc

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That area of Queens is very challenging with no real light. Luckily I could use my phone’s flash light to see the sidewalk for any cracks or where the sidewalk meets the street so I could cross a busy road. And yes, I let other people’s foot steps be my guide. What is safe for them is safe for me too. I learned that on the bridges.


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I walked minimum seven miles that day. In fact, Sweatcoin said that I got 35,000 steps. I upgraded Sweatcoin to the highest level, and it called me a beast. Well, on that day, I think I was!

But it was getting late. I was hungry. I deserve a good meal.

Well, this was pretty precise. But I was hungry for a burger, not pizza.

Love the marketing signs:) #nyc

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Corner Bistro was packed. I walked into Woodbines where I had my first cranberry beer and Woodbines burger. Absolute deliciousness!

I ate and let my phone charge. Then I went on my way home. My feet were sore, but my belly was full and my mind was full of the serenity that the sign told me I should have.

Thanks, New York.