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NYC::Two story Biggie Memorial Under Attack by Vulture Developer in Bedstuy

Update: June 4, 2017 Biggie is saved!
I was sickened to read earlier today about a two story Notorious B.I.G mural that will be taken down thanks to gentrification in Bedstuy. Biggie Smalls is more important to Bedstuy than any greedy landlord or developer in New York City. And more loved too.

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Elk Burger at Bareburger NYC


Americans sure do love their burgers. In fact, even the vegetarians cannot live without burgers, so there are different variations of veggie burgers. It’s a staple of American lifestyle, so there is a saturation of burger joints around the country, the most famous of them being McDonald’s. Most recently, more artisan burger joints have taken the nation by storm. Unfortunately in most cases, they are all the same. As far as New York City burgers go though, Bareburger is in a league of its own.

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Top selling items from Pretty Much Anything Shop


In case you missed it, Pretty Much Anything has launched a new shop. Although it is in its early stages, it is going quite well, and we will soon expand.

Our current best sellers include a coffee mug with a picture of the Empire State building in the sunset. Not only is it an awesome gift for anyone who loves New York City and sunsets, let’s face it. The world runs on coffee, so you cannot go wrong with buying one for yourself or someone else!

We are also affiliated with Sawais, a craft and furniture store from India. At checkout, enter code Kotsajai15 for a 15% discount on your purchase. Also check out Sawais on Etsy, and use coupon code KOTSAJAI10 with your purchase for 15% off.




Architecture of Quebec City


#quebeccity is so pretty at night #travel #canada #travelphotography #canada🇨🇦 #quebec

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The first thing I noticed about Quebec City was all the green roofs on the buildings. They added to the unique character of the cute city, whose architecture is influenced by France in the sixteenth century. In fact, Quebec City was founded in 108, and the province of Quebec is the former capital of New France, the French colony in North America that ran from Louisiana to northern Canada.

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Flag of Quebec


Flat of #quebec the Fleurdelisé in #quebeccity #canada #travel

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All my life, I have loved seeing the flags of other countries. It was no surprise that I would take a picture of the flag of Quebec even though it was a providence of Canada and not an independent country. But what makes Quebec’s flag special is that it was the first providence flag of Canada, and it was flown for the first time in 1948. Each year in Quebec, Flag Day to honor the Fluerdelisé, the flag’s French name, is held on January 21.

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Afghanistan Kabob House NYC


My favorite Kabuli pulau #food #nycfood #nyc #nycrestaurants #afghanistan #afghan

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Although I have attempted to cook Kabuli pulau at home on several occasions, it never is the same as when the Afghans make it at their restaurants. When I get the craving, there is one place that I have learned never disappoints, and that is Afghanistan Kabob House on 9th Avenue in New York City. Located near Times Square, it is easy to walk to, so you should give this Afghan restaurant a try, since it is hard to find Afghan food in other parts of the country.

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Bunna Cafe NYC: Where everything is eshi


Habesha breakfast #nyc #nycfood #ethiopian #vegan

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Ethiopian food is known to be vegetarian friendly despite my usual choice to have meat. In the spirit of trying to get more healthy food in me, I decided to give Bunna Cafe, a vegan, Ethiopian restaurant a try for brunch. Of all the new restaurants that have opened in Bushwick in the past couple of years, Bunna Cafe is one of the best. They provide a unique and inviting experience to learn about Ethiopian culture and history-something most Westerners know little about.

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