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January Hot Tea Month in NYC


Yes, it’s quite hard to screw up a cup of tea. However, there are a lot of different kinds of tea, not just the typical black and green. Whether it’s a cheap black tea you want or a fancy one, here are some places in New York City that have you covered in both tea and a great addition to January, National hot tea month, and that’s food!

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January National Fat Free Living Month in NYC


Our society struggles to eat healthy. For this reason, obesity is on the rise along with other conditions, such as heart disease and diabetes. If you want to change your diet for a more healthy future, good for you. Even if you want to detox from unhealthy food like fast food for a while, this is also a good decision because every little bit helps. In the end, you may decide you like it and decide to change altogether.

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National Bloody Mary Day in NYC


I have a confession to make. As someone who can be sensitive to tomatoes (but not hot sauce and other gut exploding things), I do not like bloody Mary’s. ┬áBut for those of you who favor the bloody mary over a samosa at brunch, here are excellent NYC brunch spots that just so happens to have bloody Marys on the menu.

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