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July 13 National French Fry Day


Whether you call them french fries, chips, or Belgian fries, the common denominator is that they are delicious with pretty much anything.

There are many ways to eat this beloved potato treat. And as usual, New York City has plenty of bars and restaurants to choose from that serve them in any shape, size, and style. I’ll save the ketchup vs mayo debate for the rest of you. The only condiment really worth putting on french fries is vinegar, and that is only for fries of a certain type and it also depends on the amount of salt that is already put on them.

Let’s celebrate National July 13 French Fry Day NYC style!

The Dining Room, downtown Brooklyn

French fry goodness best in #nyc so far #foodporn #food #instafood #nyceats #nycrestaurants

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The Dining Room in downtown Brooklyn has skinny fries. Do not let that fool you. These french fries are like eating crack they are so addicting! For those that like to drink cheap, they have Coors on Happy Hour Monday thru Friday. Get the Coors. Spend money ordering these fries. You’ll thank me later!

The Dining Room, just like some houses, has a fireplace for the cold winter months. These french fries taste just as good by the fireplace as they do sitting at the bar!

A Salt and Battery, Greenwich Village

Yes, you are seeing that right. This is the biggest french fry sandwich, also known as a chip butty, you will see outside of England. Wash it down with some good English beer.

If you’re more into the chips, McKenna’s Pub near Union Square has the most affordable fish and chips in NYC without sacrificing too much quality. It’s pure luck getting in though, as it can get extremely crowded.

Fish n chips @ McKenna ' s #nyc #nycfood #food #foodporn #instafood

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Gyro World, Ridgewood, Queens

Who said Greeks did not know french fries? The guys at Gyro World do! Get the platter, and you will get your meat dish with a large portion of french fries. Just the right size. Just the right amount of salt.

Bifteki #nyc #nycfood #nyceats #foodporn #instafood #foodstagram #greek #nycrestaurants #queens

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Elk Burger at Bareburger NYC


Americans sure do love their burgers. In fact, even the vegetarians cannot live without burgers, so there are different variations of veggie burgers. It’s a staple of American lifestyle, so there is a saturation of burger joints around the country, the most famous of them being McDonald’s. Most recently, more artisan burger joints have taken the nation by storm. Unfortunately in most cases, they are all the same. As far as New York City burgers go though, Bareburger is in a league of its own.

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Afghanistan Kabob House NYC


My favorite Kabuli pulau #food #nycfood #nyc #nycrestaurants #afghanistan #afghan

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Although I have attempted to cook Kabuli pulau at home on several occasions, it never is the same as when the Afghans make it at their restaurants. When I get the craving, there is one place that I have learned never disappoints, and that is Afghanistan Kabob House on 9th Avenue in New York City. Located near Times Square, it is easy to walk to, so you should give this Afghan restaurant a try, since it is hard to find Afghan food in other parts of the country.

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Bunna Cafe NYC: Where everything is eshi


Habesha breakfast #nyc #nycfood #ethiopian #vegan

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Ethiopian food is known to be vegetarian friendly despite my usual choice to have meat. In the spirit of trying to get more healthy food in me, I decided to give Bunna Cafe, a vegan, Ethiopian restaurant a try for brunch. Of all the new restaurants that have opened in Bushwick in the past couple of years, Bunna Cafe is one of the best. They provide a unique and inviting experience to learn about Ethiopian culture and history-something most Westerners know little about.

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The Pickle Guys will open a fried pickle restaurant in spring 2017 in NYC


Living in New York City, I see my home in movies all the time. It is neat to learn something new, and it is funny to correct them when they are wrong. When I watched The Cobbler a few months ago on Netflix, an old fashioned pickle shop on the Lower East Side was in the movie. I googled it, and it existed at a new location. I love pickles. I was on my way to see The Pickle Guys.

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Wafa’s Express-Kenefeh in Queens


Best kenefeh in #nyc #nycfood #nycrestaurants #lebanese

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I noticed Seamless had a new Middle Eastern restaurant that opened up two miles from me. Unfortunately there is a hefty delivery fee, so it was not until today that I took advantage of the beautiful weather and went for a walk to see if Wafa’s Express could possibly be the Kenefeh Mecca of New York City.

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January Hot Tea Month in NYC


Yes, it’s quite hard to screw up a cup of tea. However, there are a lot of different kinds of tea, not just the typical black and green. Whether it’s a cheap black tea you want or a fancy one, here are some places in New York City that have you covered in both tea and a great addition to January, National hot tea month, and that’s food!

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