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National Bloody Mary Day in NYC


I have a confession to make. As someone who can be sensitive to tomatoes (but not hot sauce and other gut exploding things), I do not like bloody Mary’s.  But for those of you who favor the bloody mary over a samosa at brunch, here are excellent NYC brunch spots that just so happens to have bloody Marys on the menu.

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Katz Deli who’s having the real orgasm?

Katz Deli NYC
Photo courtesy of http://www.nydailynews.com/life-style/eats/katz-deli-open-brooklyn-year-article-1.2396757

I have not been to Katz Deli since 1999 when I traveled to New York City. Oddly enough, I cannot remember what I had, but I know it was not pastrami. But no matter who I talk to in New York City, locals and travelers alike swear by the pastrami on rye. So on a night out in the area, I stopped in because, why not?

Although it was nighttime, Katz was still crowded. I was pretty sure the “I’ll have what she’s having” sign was already occupied by some tourist, so I did not bother looking. For some reason, they give you a ticket when you walk in the door. This ticket, which resembles something from a carnival ride, is to be kept with you throughout the duration of your meal.

When you go to order, the guy will take your ticket, and I guess they enter in the number into the computer. I ordered, you guessed it, pastrami on rye. The counter guy let me sample a small piece of pastrami just to see if I’d like it. Of course I did! I ordered my sandwich with mustard.

What I did not like was the bill. No, I was not surprised, but on the other hand, I’ve taken the expression “I’ll have what she’s having” to a whole new level. As popular as the pastrami on rye is, and the fact that they charge $2.75 for a can of Pepsi, I wonder how many orgasms the CEO of Katz deli has each night when the amount of our bills hits his bank account!

I’d like to have what he’s having someday!

Mile high pastrami? I think not. Cost wise, you’re better off going to a random corner deli and getting their sandwich, which is bigger and an eighth of the cost. But unfortunately, no one thinks of corner delis when they think of what Meg Ryan had, so Katz can hike up the menu prices all they want to, so their CEO can get his.

Ornella Trattoria


Usually when I do extreme eating, I do it one thing at a time. It’s not that it’s all I can handle (although in the case of duck tongue), but it usually has to do with that’s the only thing the restaurant offered. In the case of tonight’s extreme awesomeness, I saw an event at Ornella Trattoria; I could not pass it up!

Although most extreme for me would be lamb’s head, there were other things served as well. This menu would make the nose to tail dining enthusiasts proud if they can only get past what they are eating. But at the end of the day, the whole concept of nose to tail is to not let any of the animal go to waste. I learned tonight that we really do let good things go to waste!

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Little Miss Saigon, Vietnamese in Brooklyn


Flatbush is more known for its Jamaican food than Vietnamese in the same way that Vietnamese cuisine is mostly known for its Pho more than sandwiches. Groupon has a way of turning the tables a bit in order to bring things to the mainstream though. Little Miss Saigon is a little Vietnamese take away restaurant located on a quiet portion of Cortelyou Road in Flatbush that serves Vietnamese sandwiches and bubble tea.

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